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Computer Systems

Computer Repairs for Abilene, TX and the Big Country Area

If you’ve been looking for a company that can sell you the finest computer systems or provide you with a computer repair service, look no further than Pathfinders Company. Serving Abilene, TX, we have a number of system and accessory options available, and we’re sure to find the right equipment for you!

5 Signs You May Need Computer Repairs

Computer is running slow.
One of the most common complaints we hear from customers is their computer is running slow. A laggy computer could be caused by a number of different issues and should be brought in for repair for a complete inspection.

Hard drive failure.
If you see a message that says something along the lines of, “hard drive failure imminent,” you should bring your computer in for repair as soon as possible. This is not a suggestion, and is your computer telling you that the hard drive in serious danger of permanently crashing, putting your sensitive data at risk.

Seeing blue.
The famous “blue screen of death,” is always cause for concern and usually means there are serious problems with your computer and repair is needed.

Computer is hot.
When a computer is on and running, it is normal for it to become warm. However, if it becomes hot this could mean the fans are not working or they are blocked by dirt. A hot computer can literally melt the inside components and should be taken in for repair, as this is usually an easy fix.

General troubleshoots.
Computers are highly advanced machines and even the slightest software hiccup can cause major problems. If your computer is acting up, even after a restart, it is a good idea to bring it to the pros before the problem gets any worse.

We Perform All Kinds of Laptop and Computer Repairs
Do you already have a laptop or computer system that is running slow? Are you having problems getting Windows to load properly? Not to worry: the professionals at Pathfinders are here to help. Serving the Abilene, TX and Big Country area, we can handle your computer repair and laptop repair needs. Give us a call today!